Philippine is one of the few extremely young entrepreneurs in the world having created her company at the age of 15.

The French startuper is now an acclaimed keynote speaker and executive consultant, delivering speeches, interviews and animating panels worldwide.

Philippine also regularly gives presentations to schools, universities and companies, wherever her work takes her, either conferences about her one-of-a-kind personal story or about subjects that she is passionate about : innovation, education, technology, youth and entrepreneurship.

In these speeches, she aims at both inspire but also impart some concrete learning, lessons, tools and techniques gained from her unique, varied and vast experience that students, as well as CEOs and employees can use in their own lives.


As a passionate follower of educational subjects and an ambassador of innovation in teaching and learning, Philippine is also the chairwoman of a fund dedicated to give the most promising students of 2089' school in France the ability to continue their studies worldwide. 

In mid 2017, Philippine created a communication and consulting agency, through which she advises companies about UX, UI, communication, marketing and business development. 

As a former G20 delegate (being the youngest delegate ever), she is also involved in works about educational policies and politics in her country, as well as abroad. 


















Philippine gives conferences around the world, talking to 5 year-olds kids to older ones about her entrepreneurial and life story, answering questions and always exchanging positively with her audience.

Giving people the ability to believe in themselves and to have ideas is what she is passionate about. As a member of the 2016 G20 delegation and as being a student-entrepreneur, Philippine gives talks about her experience, about her vision of education and technology, and about the creation of a project.

Philippine is very interested in Education and tries to make people's lives better by giving them the right, modern and intuitional tools in the hands of the right people. 


Philippine's latest conferences 




Philippine perfectly corresponded to our criterion for both being a VIP Speaker and 2018's VivaTech Ambassador, and her speech was truly interesting. 

Philippine is a leader actively involved in shaping the future of education, knowing how to take her audience and the panel with her.

We really appreciated collaborating with Philippine for the Journée de la Femme Digitale 2016 and 2017 as a speaker. This year, we have been particularly proud to have her as a JFD Ambassador, celebrating women who are entrepreneurs of their own life, who take actions for more equality and more women in business. 

Philippine has been an inspiration for our audience - both students and employees, as well as CEOs - captivating people in a few seconds. We were impressed by her story and the way she talks about everything that she has been through, from amazing international experiences as part of the G20, from more negative sides of being a public figure. 

On behalf of the Swiss Commission for UNESCO, I would like to thank Philippine for attending the Swiss Education 2030 Platform and especially for her active participation in the round table. Her contributions have been very interesting and rewarding for us as well as for the participants.

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